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მთავარი » 2010 » ივნისი » 25 » Hamster Colds
11:59 PM
Hamster Colds

Hamster Colds

Hamster colds can be caused from draughts so placing the cage in the right place is very important. The symptoms of hamster colds are: hamster sneezing, hamster with wet nose, hamster breathing heavily and the hamster always sitting in a hunched position.

It is very important that you never wash you hamster. One of the common reasons why a hamster catches a cold is from baths. Never handle a hamster when you have a cold as the hamster will easily get a cold from you. A hamster with a cold should be kept in a draught free and warm room. Palatable foods (soft food) are good for sick hamsters. A little added honey with water may encourage the hamster to drink. You can also give the hamster some lukewarm milk mixed with water. The lukewarm milk should be changed at least three times daily for two days.

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